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The Loire Valley contains some of the finest vineyards in France

Luxury destinations in France for big groups

Whether you're celebrating a landmark birthday, heading away on a sophisticated hen weekend or trying to organise a family reunion with foreign relatives, you're sure to find the perfect spot for a group getaway in France. Blessed with an enchanting countryside that's sprinkled with medieval castles, quaint villages and world-class wineries, it's a place that can't fail to impress your guests.

Devon has some beautiful countryside

Great ideas for days out on a north Devon family holiday

The north Devon coast is one of the UK's most picturesque regions, which makes it ideal for a quiet holiday with the family. There is lots to do and see in the area, so you can look forward to some great days out during your break.

Vale de Lobo is ideal for a luxurious family holiday

A guide to Vale de Lobo, Portugal

A luxury residential and holiday development, Vale de Lobo is a resort that has it all: great golf courses, sun-kissed beaches and plenty of shops and restaurants.

Two-thirds of France's perfume fragrances are produced in Grasse

Why Grasse is perfect for perfume lovers

The Cote d'Azur is synonymous with the finer things in life, being home to some of the classiest cities in Europe and a favourite holiday destination of the rich and famous. It also just happens to be the epicentre of the global perfume industry, with the town of Grasse providing many of the world's most famous fragrances.

Soak up some sun in the Algarve

Escape to the beach on holiday in the Algarve

If you are keen to escape Britain's dreary weather and the pressure of day-to-day life, it's worth booking a holiday to a chic sun-drenched destination. One place where you are certain to find your stresses quickly melt away is the Algarve region of Portugal, not least of all because of its beautiful beaches.

Have a romantic getaway in Fuerteventura

Have a luxury, loving break in Fuerteventura

The Canary Islands is the perfect destination for couples looking to relax, not least of all because this part of Spain has an annual average temperature of 22 degrees C and receives more sunlight than anywhere else in Europe. For a really luxurious getaway, however it is worth taking a break to Fuerteventura.

Have a chic and stylish break in Gran Canaria

Enjoy a decadent Gran Canaria getaway

If you're keen to get away from it all and embark on a holiday that enables you to soak up some sunshine, Gran Canaria is sure to be a dream destination for you. Coming here not only enables you to bask in the famous Spanish sun, but also to stay in luxurious accommodation and dine out at amazing restaurants.

A guide to romantic holidays in the Caribbean

With its astounding weather and wealth of beautiful islands that are surrounded by clear blue waters, it is no great surprise that the Caribbean is an amazing destination for a romantic break. Head to this part of the world and you and your partner can look forward to enjoying utter luxury.

A guide to the Cote d'Azur's art-inspired landscapes

France has long been at the centre of the art world, not only because it is the birthplace of hundreds of astounding painters - including Claude Monet and Paul Cezanne - but it has attracted many others from overseas who have been inspired by the country's landscapes to produce amazing works. One area that appears to have been particularly influential is the Cote d'Azur. Come here on an art-themed holiday and you'll be in line to have a fantastic break.

Top Easter egg hunts in Pembrokeshire

For those keen to take a chic holiday in Wales, Pembrokeshire is one destination well worth visiting. Not only is this south-west corner of the country home to beautiful scenery and historic landmarks, but it also hosts a range of great events, many of which of are happening during the Easter period.

Holidays that will make you feel like an A-list celeb

Taking a holiday - regardless of the destination or the amount of time you're away for - presents a great chance to relax and escape from the stress of modern life. If you want a really memorable break, however, it's worth drawing inspiration from where the rich and famous like to visit when they want to take some time out.

A literature lover's guide to Wales

If you see yourself as an avid bookworm, Wales is one destination you definitely ought to visit. Not only is it the birthplace of some of the UK's greatest writers - including Dylan Thomas and Martin Amis - but it also contains dramatic scenery that has inspired countless authors and some fantastic bookshops. All this combines to make Wales a literature lover's dream, not to mention a perfect place for a luxury holiday.

Top foods to try in Cyprus

Foodies keen to go an overseas holiday that will tantalise their tastebuds are sure to find Cyprus a perfect destination. In heading to the island, you'll get to sample great-tasting dishes while enjoying pleasant weather.

A look at Europe's most luxurious golf resorts

If you're keen to go on a luxurious getaway in Europe, you could do much worse than take a golfing holiday in the Mediterranean. Doing so means you will get to play in the middle of beautiful courses and soak up warm sunshine, as well as relax in stunning resorts and make use of high-quality facilities.

Check out the amazing Monte-Carlo Spring Arts Festival

France is famous the world over for its rich cultural scene and, although you can be confident of taking in fantastic art wherever in the country you go, the French Riviera is a particularly charming destination. In coming here, you may have the opportunity to check out the enthralling Monte-Carlo Spring Arts Festival.

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