Feature: Top romantic destinations to propose

18 November 2011 17:05

Wills did it to Kate at a safari camp in Kenya. Propose, that is. And if you’re thinking of doing the same to your loved one, we have found some of the most spectacular, charming and occasionally cheesy places to win your true love’s heart. On a wet, cold and grey November’s day, who wouldn’t want to escape to romantic, secluded and exotic destination? We would definitely be the first ones to say ‘yes!’

We know we’ve already done ‘romance’ a couple of times. Honestly, we’re not romantic fools – well not all of us! – with endless ideas for couples’ retreats. But once we heard how Wills proposed, can you blame us for getting a bit starry-eyed?! We just couldn’t help ourselves and immediately started thinking of the perfect places to pop the question. So, before you get down on one knee, check out these top, somewhat unusual, proposal destinations.

Yes, you guessed it, first stop: Kenya!

If you love wildlife, Kenya
If you want to experience what made Wills get down on bendy knees and pop the question, then you will delight in knowing that we’ve found the place where he proposed to his Kate – Lewa Safari Camp on the Lewa Conservancy in Kenya. Famous for saving endangered black rhinos and touted as the country’s most successful wildlife conservancy, the top Kenyan game reserve offers one of the most diverse and exciting wildlife experiences. The 65,000 acre conservancy is nothing short of the perfect place to propose, with spectacular views of Mount Kenya and the wild Northern Frontier District.

The royal couple will marry next year, but already now romantics can follow the loved-up couple to Kenya and stay at the Lewa Safari Camp. The accommodation comes in the form of 12 en-suite tents and one family house, classic safari camp. Set to become a hot favourite with romantic couples and newlyweds following the royal engagement, the conservancy boasts activities ranging from game drives and guided walks to horse riding and educational talks. If the prospect of breakfast in the bush and a relaxing evening on the porch watching the wildlife gracefully pass by is enough to make you hear wedding bells, why not book that trip now?!

If you love glamour, Monaco
Synonymous with true glamour and celebrity, Monaco is indeed the playground of the rich, famous and beautiful people. What more could you ever want from a luxurious and romantic proposal-appropriate destination?! Well, a yacht perhaps?! Or a Ferrari?! No, Monaco is much more than fast cars and seriously big boats. It has charm, it has class and, above all, it is the perfect setting for a question-popping night of romance.

Overlooking the world-famous harbour, home to multi-million pound, in-your-dreams yachts sitting on crystal clear waters, fringed with palm trees, the Prince’s Palace of Monaco sits majestically on a pretty hill top. Yes, we know, we mentioned the yachts again, but they create the perfect backdrop for your romantic holiday and you don’t have to own one to enjoy the sight of them! Right?!

Sound perfect? It is. And it is even more perfect at night, when Prince Albert II of Monaco’s home lights up to create a magical atmosphere.

If you love the country (and beer), Germany
This is truly one of the most spectacular sights in Germany we have ever come across. It’s historic, it’s grand and it offers some of the most spectacular views of the Bavarian countryside. Neuschwanstein Castle sits atop an impressive mountain range, and is surrounded by beautiful lakes and forests. The spectacular Bavarian landscape is enough to melt even the coldest heart – not that that will be necessary of course!

Continuing our royal theme (those Princes and Kings seem to know what they are doing), this historical castle was built by Ludwig II. The unique and impressive castle would make a really original proposal location. And adding to the historical significance of this impressive place, the King’s marriage also became the starting point of the world famous Bavarian beer-drinking tradition, Munich’s Oktoberfest. So, if you love your pints, you’re onto a winner here. And, you’re bound to earn extra brownie points for agreeing to go to a place where beer is not just a beverage – it’s a way of life.

If you love impressive views, Grand Canyon
It might not be the first destination that pops into your head when you think of romantic getaways, but the Grand Canyon in Arizona is an impressive sight that simply takes your breath away. Created over six million years by the Colorado River, this colourful gorge is 277 miles long and over a mile deep. Its sheer vastness makes for a humbling experience – and a moving spot to ask your loved one to spend the rest of their life with you. And your true love cannot fail to say yes, especially since he or she is teetering dangerously close to one of the many eye-watering high cliff edges. It only takes one small push (just kidding of course!).

And if you decide to go all the way while you’re there, Vegas is less than 300 miles away – do we hear wedding bells? The beauty of proposing near Las Vegas is that you won’t have to way out a long engagement. Get yourself – and your loved one – down to a quick-fix chapel and you can get hitched there and then, following in star-studded footsteps. And don’t be fooled, a Vegas wedding can be truly romantic.

If you love the movies, California
This is where you can actually get to pop the question on your ‘own’ yacht. Newport Beach in California has it all, from spectacular and long-stretched white beaches to glitz and glamour – and great shopping. Whether you’re an old-fashioned romantic who is excited to learn that Humphrey Bogart wooed Lauren Bacall here, or a hip young thing who watches 90210, then you will love the beautiful setting of Balboa Bay yacht club on the harbour front of Newport Beach.The yacht club has always been a favourite haunt of celebrities because it’s just down the road from Hollywood. So, make sure to keep your cool when popping the question.

Enter the yacht. The hotel concierge will find you a yacht to rent by the day. Surrounded by crystal clear waters, beautiful sunshine and the relaxing sound of the waves hitting the side of the boat, is there any chance that you won’t get your ‘yes’? We think not.

We love the unusual romantic destinations
Following Wills example, we came up with some unusual but very romantic destinations. The only problem now is we need to convince the other half that these unusual places are the perfect places to propose. But considering the amazing destinations, it shouldn’t be difficult. It might be time to start looking for that ring.

For more conventional proposal destinations, places such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Canals of Venice, the Trevi Fountain in Rome, the Charles Bridge in Prague and even the London Eye are popular question-popping destinations. So, have those wedding bells starting to ring yet?


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