Feature: Luxury eco-resorts in the wild world

Thursday, 21 July 2013 1:47 PM

Our job at aspireholidays.co.uk is to find you the best, most luxurious places to visit on your holidays abroad. With the world being as populated and diverse as it is, sometimes it’s just nice to get away from it all. Following on from last week’s feature on fantastic nature reserve hideaways, we’ve gone one step further and found some incredible eco-resorts in some of the wildest places on earth. Swim with millions of coral fish or dine on an African floodplain where elephants bathe in the distance. Either way, you’ll stay in luxurious accommodation and enjoy the most relaxing massages. Enjoy.

The African reserve
The Sanctuary Chief’s Camp in Botswana is about as luxurious and wild as it gets. It’s tucked away in the beautiful Mombo Concession, which is part of the world-renowned Moremi Game Reserve anarea known as the ‘predator capital of Africa’ because it’s home to huge herds of buffalo and elephant. The camp, which is named after a hereditary African chief, is actually marooned on an island created by the annual flooding of the Okavango.

The thatched rooms of the camp are hidden in a woodland of jackalberry and sausage trees, and each luxurious hunt also comes with a private balcony. Guests can enjoy gourmet food in a communal living room with panoramic views of the floodplains, giving you the chance to dine while you safari. Guided wildlife tours are also available.

The explorer’s son
Based on the site of a 17 acre coconut plantation, the Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Island Resort is an award winning eco-resort in the heart of the South Pacific., Jean-Michel, who is the son of world-famous scuba diving pioneer Jacques Cousteau, runs the resort and employs a full time marine biologist to help visitors appreciate Fiji’s underwater world.

With an equatorial climate, abundant seas and palm fringed beaches, Mr Cousteau has designed a wealth of eco-activities for visitors to Fiji’s second largest island. You can indulge in a range of activities, weather you want to skim the reef by kayak, learn about herbal medicine, take a glass bottom boat trip with the biologist or just simply play a bit of tennis. The 25 villas are made out of local wood and feature plush furnishings.

The oldest resort
Far away from the glitzy, touristy, western playgrounds of Koh Samui and Phuket, Thailand’s oldest beach resort, Hua Hin, lies just 200km south of Bangkok. Hua Hin’s stunning beaches, which face the wide expanse of the Gulf of Thailand, are home to the Six Senses Hua Hin resort. With its SLOW LIFE philosophy (S – Sustainable, L – Local, O – Organic, W – Wholesome, L –Learning, I – Inspiring, F –Fun, E – Experience) the resort has committed to a green way of doing things including energy efficiency, water conservation and waste minimization.

But the Six Senses is also very luxurious, offering fifty five villas, all of which come with private plunge pools and a landscaped garden. It’s also a great place to indulge in some natural therapies like meditation and mud baths.

Old west charm
Miraval is a very unique eco-resort set in the sparse and beautiful Arizona state. Situated in the warm shade of the Santa Catalina Mountains in northern Tuscon, this 400 acre resort is the only one of its kind in the USA. With a focus on healthy and sustainable living, it’s the place to come for locally sourced ingredients, philosophical meditation, fitness, yoga and nutrition. The almost desert-like landscape, which is dotted with occasional palm trees and abundant dry-grass fields, is the perfect antidote to stress. The resort is populated with plenty of cacti and surrounded by distant yellow mountains, the weather is always hot and the location very remote.

The rammed earth construction of the building is what makes the structure energy-efficient.On top of that, the water is heated with solar energy, guestrooms feature green materials like non-toxic paint and landscaping is done naturally. The 117 rooms are grouped into six villages and each one contains a delightful, comfortable bed and large French windows looking out onto the scrub land rolling on for miles.

The red sands of the desert
Longitude 131’ is a fantastic luxury eco resort which possibly has the best location in the whole world! It’s nestled at the foot of the world famous Ayers Rock, which is the largest monolith in the world, and is truly a million miles from nowhere. Surrounded by the endless expanse of the red Australian desert and situated in the heart of the World Heritage listed Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, only 15 luxury villas hover on stilts above the parched ground. You can spend your time learning about the ancient cultures of the area, or explore the flora and fauna with expert guides, but either way your senses will come alive in this mysterious land.

With a tent-like-canopy resting over a wooden construction, each of the villas feature wide windows for watching the sunrises over the rock. Designed to remain cool in summer and warm in winter, a flick of a bedside switch is all it takes to raise the blinds and see the landscape for yourself. Numerous walking, cultural and wildlife tours are available, and dining in the restaurant cabin is gourmet.

Join us next week for some more luxurious eco-resorts in nature.

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