Why flotilla sailing holidays are the perfect sociable break

Thursday, 6 October 2013 4:24 PM

One of the best things about having a break is the opportunity to make lots of new friends, and flotilla sailing holidays are a great choice for a sociable trip away.

If you're looking for a different experience, flotilla holidays give you the chance to improve your sailing skills while having a break in an exotic location and enjoying a relaxing few days away.

By opting for a trip of this kind, you can join a group of up to 15 yachts on the water. You will follow a lead boat, which means that if you're not too confident in your sailing abilities you'll have peace of mind that help is always close by.

This enables you to have the opportunity of cruising through the water and feeling the wind on your cheeks, while always being able to call upon assistance if you require it.

What's more, the experience is likely to be one of your most sociable trips, because you can join up with other sailors in the evening and have fun getting to know different people as you sip a few drinks and tuck into a barbecue.

Flotilla holidays enable you to experience a trip away as a sailor, while having the reassurance that you are with other like-minded travellers, as well as professional help. To make the holiday even more memorable, you could decide to go to warm countries where you can cruise on gorgeous turquoise waters.

Why not choose to go flotilla sailing in Greece, for example? If you opt for a trip to the Mediterranean country, you'll be able to sail through aquamarine sea, visit different Greek islands and enjoy the sunshine.

You could decide to explore the Ionian Sea and islands there, including Corfu and Paxos, or you might prefer to cruise through the Aegean Sea on your trip. As well as visiting Greece's famous islands - where you'll be able to enjoy lazing on the beach and sample traditional cuisine - you will have the chance to see a different side of the country as well.

Head to the small fishing villages on the isles, walk past olive groves and grab some beautiful views of the blue sea from mountaintops.

And if you want to improve your skills or encourage your friends and family to learn to sail, there's another reason to head to this corner of the Mediterranean.

This is because you'll be able to find plenty of beach clubs in Greece where you can receive tuition from professional instructors, so that you can pick up new tips while having a fun time in the sun.

You will be taken out on to the sea, where you can put your lessons into practice, as well as soak up the sights of the various villages and beaches. This is also a great way to see Greece from a different viewpoint, as you will follow instructors who know the area well and can take you places you might not otherwise have thought of visiting.

Indeed, you may be able to get the chance to see small locales and fishermen heading out into the water, giving you a unique insight into the lifestyles of those who live here.

Greece isn't the only place where you can enjoy a flotilla sailing holiday though, and you might be more interested in heading to far-flung destinations for an exotic trip abroad.

You may want to enjoy a Caribbean flotilla, where you can cruise through the aquamarine waters between islands, such as Antigua, Grenada and St Vincent.

Whatever destination you choose to visit, you're sure to find your sailing trip to be one of your most memorable yet. You might even opt to stay in the UK, where you can improve your sailing skills and have a relaxing, enjoyable experience close to home.

Flotilla holidays give you the chance to gain confidence on the water, as well as have fun in the evenings and make friends that you might keep for a lifetime.

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