Where can the best walking and wine holidays take you?

Thursday, 5 January 2014 5:10 PM

When it comes to luxurious getaways that combine spectacular sightseeing with sampling splendid local produce, walking and wine holidays are a fabulous choice. For a little inspiration for the best places to go, read on.

Spain is a destination renowned the world over for the calibre of its wines and cuisine. Possessing a rich culture and a fascinating landscape, as well as great weather, the nation certainly ticks all the boxes of a luxury walking and wine getaway.

If you're interested in booking food and wine holidays in Spain, consider travelling to the incredible region of La Rioja - a name wine buffs will instantly recognise.

Choosing a Rioja wine package for your Spain holiday will give you a fantastic opportunity to sample some of this region's famously-wonderful wines, as well as indulge in delicious cuisine and explore beautiful mountainous landscapes.

Traversing this area of northern Spain in a small group, you will begin your journey in Bilbao. Don't miss the chance of dining in one of this city's incredible restaurants before making your way to La Rioja, where your itinerary of great walks and fascinating excursions can really get underway.

After visiting the winery of Muga, you'll enjoy a beautiful route through vineyards before reaching a splendid medieval castle. A private wine tasting with an eminent producer will round off your day.

You will also be able to peruse the wine museum at Dinastia Vivanco, ahead of viewing incredible panoramas of the Rioja plains and peaks at the ridge of the Sierra de San Lorenzo.

The region also plays host to some fascinating cities, such as Logrono. Explore here and discover the beautiful old town, before enjoying numerous walks through some incredible natural landscapes.

Indeed, the rest of your itinerary will include a visit to the spectacular rock formations at the Penas de Isalallana, as well as strolling through pretty beech forests and perusing the amazing sculptures in a wonderful national park.

Alternatively, a Latin America wine holiday is another fabulous option well worth giving some thought to. Chile, in particular, is a destination ideally suited to getaways combining walking and wine.

Like holidays in Spain, breaks here hold the promise of seeing amazing landscapes and soaking up a little culture, in addition to sampling excellent wines.

Taking you off the beaten track and allowing you to discover an authentic slice of Chile, this itinerary is ideal for those looking to incorporate a little adventure into their walking and wine trip.

Starting out in Santiago, the nation's capital, you will enjoy a walking tour of the city before proceeding to the Colchagua Valley, where your experience of local viticulture can begin.

Here, you can take part in a private wine tasting with a prestigious winemaker, before indulging in a fine dinner. The following day, you will have a three-hour walk to explore the region in more depth, visiting the vineyards of the Montes Estate and the Lapostolle Estate along the way.

Heading out of the valley, you will explore the Pacific Coast and visit pretty villages and dine in a small, wonderful restaurant.

Your trip will also include a walk on the slopes of the Andes in the forests of the Altos del Lircay reserve, which is a gloriously-quiet place.

As part of your itinerary, you can also expect to try a range of exhilarating activities, such as white water rafting on the Trancura River and climbing to the summit of Villarica - a live volcano - to enjoy outstanding views across the Andes.

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