Top excursions on a Calabria yacht charter

Tuesday, 6 March 2014 3:32 PM

Calabria yacht charters are perfect for those who like to indulge in luxury travel and this Italian region offers everything the discerning holidaymaker requires.

From stunning scenery and spa facilities to gorgeous cuisine and picturesque harbours, this corner of Italy is ideal for boating breaks.

This southern part of the country truly encapsulates what luxury Italian holidays are all about - azure waters, a balmy climate, ideal sailing conditions, plenty of culture and fantastic restaurants to sample the mouth-watering local dishes.

The dazzling Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas are perfect for yacht charters in Italy and the perfect place to start is the beautiful harbour of Tropea. Soak up the view of the other vessels bobbing up and down in the sun and prepare to begin your journey around the stunning islands that lie nearby.

Your sailing itinerary will more than likely include discovering the Aeolian archipelago. The islands of Salina, Basiluzzo, Lipari, Alicudi, Panarea and Stromboli will provide plenty of opportunities for fascinating excursions.

The group of islands is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you can already get an idea of how breathtaking the destinations are. Panarea is one example of an island suitable for individuals who like the finer things in life.

Not only do you get to enjoy the experience of approaching the island on your private yacht, but you will soon understand why it is a playground of the rich and famous. The fine restaurants and nightclubs are the perfect places to splash your spending money, while culture can be found at the Bronze Age village of Punta Milazzese.

One of the best excursions to head on when on the island of Stromboli is to get closer to the second-biggest active volcano in Europe - Serra Vancori. Majestically rising more than 3,000 ft into the bright blue sky from the sea, the volcano has been erupting for approximately 2,000 years.

It would not be an Italian getaway without browsing independent fashion boutiques, which is why the island of Lipari is a popular destination with those on yachting breaks. You will find most shops in the main town, although it is worth venturing further afield to one of the smaller villages to discover a hidden gem.

Visiting one of the 600 thermal springs on Lipari is a great excursion. After just a few hours onboard your boat, you will likely be as relaxed as you can be, but soaking in a hot spring can further aid your rest and recuperation. If you are into beauty treatments, try out the mud baths. Carefully apply the mud to your skin and hair, lay back and soak up its moisturising properties.

The island is also home to the Archaeological Museum, Roman ruins, the Plazza Mazzini castle and St Bartholomew Cathedral. Luxury yachting holidays to Italy's Calabria region therefore allow you to enjoy a variety of activities, from snorkelling in the warm waters and sunbathing on pretty beaches to sampling local wine and cuisine and visiting cultural attractions.

To stretch your spending money as far as possible, finding the best sailing holiday offers will enable you to put more cash towards little luxuries, whether it is a spa treatment on dry land or an Italian meal complete with a variety of starters, a bottle of wine, desserts such as honey-sweetened pastries and a liquor coffee. 

How to organise a memorable luxury sailing holiday

How to organise a memorable luxury sailing holiday

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Enjoy Italy on a boat trip

Absorb Palmanova's history on Italy boat breaks

If you're planning an Italian break that allows you to experience rich culture and history, why not book a luxurious canal holiday that takes in Palmanova? The town, in the Friuli region in north-east Italy, makes for a real highlight for those visiting the area.

The Sarojin offers complete luxury

Dine on a private island with The Sarojin’s VIP experience

Looking for somewhere spectacular to pop the question? Five star luxury boutique resort The Sarojin has launched a private island dining experience, where guests travel by yacht to a secluded isle and dine on fresh seafood under the stars.

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Top 5 things to do on Phuket yacht charter holidays

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Where to visit on a yacht charter in Croatia

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Relax in style on a yacht charter holiday to the BVI

Relax in style on a yacht charter holiday to the BVI

If you want a holiday where you can relax in luxury, soak up the sun and visit a new and exciting destination every day then a yacht charter in the Caribbean is perfect for you.

Bodrum is close to Turgutreis

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Sailing in the Mediterranean is always a wonderful experience, with the region bursting with fascinating ports and stunning stretches of coastline to explore. Nowhere is this truer than in Turkey - and Turgutreis near Bodrum makes an excellent base.

Visit Lymington during a Solent sailing break

Explore the picturesque town of Lymington with a yacht charter in Solent

If you're interested in setting off on a sailing holiday, you need not look to faraway climes to find somewhere that's perfectly suited to this kind of break. Indeed, the Solent is a wonderful destination for a getaway on the water - and you can explore the gorgeous town of Lymington while you're here.


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