Best places to be and be seen in ... Buenos Aires

Wednesday, 7 March 2014 5:05 PM

The chic and stylish capital of Argentina is full of swanky places to party, from old converted mansions, to swanky cocktail bars and those exclusively for the rich and famous. Here are the best places to be and be seen in the home of tango. Remember to reset your body clocks though, as partying here doesn’t even get started until the early hours of the morning.

Situated in the upmarket Recoleta district, filled with designer boutiques, elegant townhouses and one of the world’s most impressive cemeteries, Milion feels right at home here, set in an old romantic mansion. You could easily mistake this for the more swanky areas of Paris or Madrid. Milion is the perfect fusion of 1940s stately grandeur and modern chic, with a sweeping marble staircase and classic architecture, mixed with contemporary art and visual effects. Come here in the early evening to dine on tapas in the elegant restaurant and then party until late in the bar with live music, from jazz to funk and soul, and of course, tango.

Belushi Martini Bar
Plush and swanky Palermo is home to some of the best night spots in the city and Belushi Martini Bar is no exception, on almost every night of the week fashion conscious Palermoites can be seen sipping excellently mixed cocktails on its roof terrace or dancing the night away in its hot dance club. Nibble on elegantly prepared sushi and tapas, including local cheeses and deli meats, while you wait for the party to get started (the dancing here doesn’t started until around midnight).

Jet Lounge
One of Buenos Aires’ most exclusive clubs, the Jet Lounge is situated by the beautiful Rio Plata (Silver River) and has been the host of some of the city’s most coveted events such as fashion shows and movie premiers. Padded leather walls, plush velvet seats and futuristic furnishings provide the perfect atmosphere to mingle with a few of BA’s local celebs. 

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