Top 5 islands to visit on Seychelles yachting holidays

Thursday, 26 April 2014 6:43 PM

The Seychelles is the ideal location for a luxury sailing holiday, as there are more than 100 islands to visit. Having your own boat will give you the freedom to set an itinerary that allows you to see everything you want in this Indian Ocean archipelago.

There is certainly plenty you will wish to experience while you are here, as the Seychelles are famed for white sand beaches and tranquil nature reserves. The ocean is also great for diving and snorkelling, as there is as much to explore beneath the waves as there is on land.

If you are an experienced skipper and have the relevant Royal Yachting Association qualifications, you should have no trouble taking charge of your own vessel. Sailing conditions around the inner islands group are good throughout the year, with gentle winds and calm waters.

Should you be less confident of your abilities as a captain, or if you would prefer to spend your break relaxing in the sunshine on deck, you could opt for a crewed sailing holiday. The boat will come with an experienced local skipper and, for that extra touch of luxury, a gourmet chef to prepare all your meals.

All getaways of this type begin on the main island of Mahe, but you can select where else you wish to go. The idyllic nature of the isles means there are no bad choices, but there are some spots you won't want to miss out on.

La Digue

It is difficult to imagine a more old-fashioned destination than La Digue, where ox carts are still the most common form of transport. However, that means you won't hear any traffic noise as you enjoy the stunning coastline.

Make sure you spend a few hours on Anse Source d'Argent, a white sand beach littered with granite boulders and coconut trees. It is exactly how you imagine a tropical island paradise should look.

Sainte Anne

One thing to look out for during a yachting holiday in the Seychelles is conservation areas, such as Sainte Anne Marine National Park. Visitors onboard motorised vessels may find they cannot enter the protected waters, but you can sail straight in and enjoy the scenery.

Moor up at Sainte Anne island and go for a swim to get a closer look at the local sea creatures. You are certain to spot colourful corals and a variety of species of exotic fish while snorkelling here, while some people also see green turtles.


This quiet island is home to the Vallee de Mai nature reserve, which is among the most beautiful places you will ever visit. Its coco-de-mer forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was once believed to be the Garden of Eden.

Grande Soeur

There isn't very much on Grande Soeur other than an upmarket resort, but the hotel complex has a stunning beach. Drop anchor here for a few hours and you can enjoy cocktails at the bar and a few hours of relaxation in the sun.


Curieuse Marine National Park is among the best places to go scuba diving in the Seychelles. The waters are home to hawksbill turtles, snapper, barracudas, butterfly and angel fish, as well as a variety of colourful corals. There is also lots of wildlife to spot on the quiet island, including black parrots and giant tortoises.

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Anse Source d'Argent is one of the world's best beaches

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There are few better choices for romantic getaways than an Indian Ocean island paradise, so a Seychelles holiday will certainly fit the bill. The archipelago boasts great beaches, beautiful scenery and luxury resorts, as well as plenty of things to see and do.

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Enjoy sights like La Digue's beaches on a Seychelles holiday

Island hopping to exotic beaches adds unique dimension to Seychelles holidays

Booking Seychelles all inclusive holidays will ensure you enjoy a luxury break with a difference. Your resort will have all the facilities you need for a relaxing fortnight in the sun, but if you are feeling adventurous, some island hopping will add a different dimension to your getaway.

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