Experience taste of the Caribbean at Antigua food festival

Friday, 5 October 2014 7:38 AM

If your destination checklist includes sun, sea, sand and great food then look no further than Nonsuch Bay in Antigua which is set to host its first gourmet festival this November.

Guests will be able to experience the finest tastes of the Caribbean over an indulgent three weeks of festival fare, including wine, champagne and rum tastings, cooking demonstrations, guest chef appearances and special tasting menus.

Caribbean Chef of the Year, Mitchell Husbands, and Master of Wine, Liam Stevenson, are the gastronomic geniuses behind the event and will be running food and wine tastings on Thursdays throughout the festival.

Husbands will be recreating classic Caribbean street food as part of his edible offerings, with johnny cakes, frizzled salt fish, spiced chicken curry and pickled seafood featuring on his tempting menu selection.

The festival culminates on 25 November with Winestock, where Antiguan wine dealers will showcase over 100 wines from across the world.

Stevenson said: “I have spent my career tasting and enthusing about wine and I was thrilled when I visited Antigua earlier this year by the range and diversity of wines available.

“This is a fantastic chance to taste the very best that the wine merchants of Antigua have to offer.”

The festival has been inspired by growing interest in the fine wines and contemporary Caribbean cuisine that are available on the island, and the organisers hope it will become a regular annual event.

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