Best destinations for luxury summer fun

Tuesday, 21 May 2015 1:09 PM

Booking a once-in-a-lifetime trip is something many of us have dreamed about but few have actually taken the plunge, citing work commitments, family reasons or just plain old money worries.

But what exactly is the point of all that toil and trouble without a big reward at the end of it? Much better to treat yourself to a really luxurious break and have something to look forward to, instead of working day in, day out with no chance of a sun-soaked getaway.

So do yourself a favour this year and make plans to escape the dreary UK for an exotic location filled with new sights, sounds and experiences. Read on to find out where you should be booking your high-end holiday this summer.


An incredible idyll located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius represents the best in secluded glamour. With a rugged volcanic appearance, stunning gorges and lush hills to explore before you even hit the beach, visitors who love their outdoor pursuits can spend hours just hiking through the scenic countryside. Unfortunately they will not spot any dodos - the huge birds were native to this isle before Dutch sailors drove them to extinction in the 17th century - but there are still plenty of other creatures to see, including bats, macaque monkeys, kestrals, parakeets, geckos and terrapins.

Of course, a holiday to Mauritius would not be complete without spending endless hours soaking up the sun on the beach. There are many stretches of sand to choose from, but we recommend Trou aux Biches, which features flat, shallow waters leading out to a beautiful coral reef. The beach is shaded by casuarina trees and if you get bored of sunbathing you can hop on a boat to take you out to the open sea for a spot of fishing.


Quickly becoming a luxe travel destination, Mexico is the perfect place to drink up culture and tequila at the same time. Avoid crowded Cancun and instead head to the Yucatan Peninsula for La Ruta Maya, or the Mayan Route, which highlights ruins and places of interest to the ancient Mayan civilisation. Visit Chichen Itza on the Vernal Equinox (March 20th) or Autumnal Equinox (September 22nd) to see El Castillo pyramid come to life. A trick of the light and shadow makes it look as though a serpent is slithering down the stone staircase.


Ever wanted to watch elephants, big cats and hippos doing their thing in their natural environment? A top-class safari is the perfect holiday choice for you, but on a five-star luxury break you can combine all your wildlife-spotting with some intensive boot camp training.

A new craze  known as Wildfitness Kenya shows travellers how to survive in the plains by teaching them the principles of wild moving, wild eating and wild living. This will involve foraging for fruits and vegetables, learning to run barefoot without pain, sleeping properly and 'tribal bonding' - but best of all, after a long day of roaming the countryside, you can come back for a relaxing deep-tissue massage on the veranda of your Cosmos hotel.


Mauritius rises to the top of most popular destinations

Mauritius is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations of the year, according to long-haul operator Hayes & Jarvis who have seen a significant rise in bookings over the past three months. Mauritius has now pushed past previous favourites of New York and Thailand to reach the top spot in its Top Ten Destinations Worldwide chart.

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