Choose a sailing holiday for luxury in the sun

Thursday, 14 November 2015 7:36 AM

There are plenty of luxury destinations around the world, but have you considered how visiting one of these on a yacht charter could be even more opulent than a standard getaway? It’s also a great way to see a little more of a place.

Choosing a sailing destination can be quite tough, because there are so many fantastic places to go all over the world. However, some certainly stand out a little more than others when it comes to luxury.

The following are just a few of our top picks if you’re searching for the ultimate getaway and we’ve made a suggestion about how to make your holiday a little bit more luxurious.

The Seychelles

This Indian Ocean nation is a haven for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Its islands are truly beautiful, with each boasting white sand beaches and waving palm trees - there are lots of secluded anchorages where you can drop anchor and just enjoy the scenery and the sunshine.

Don’t leave here without visiting the Vallee de Mai UNESCO World Heritage Site - this national park is home to an ancient palm forest that contains, among many other species, the coco de mer palm which produces the world’s largest seed.

British Virgin Islands

The BVI is one of the Caribbean’s most exclusive and luxurious destinations - and it’s ideally set up for yacht charters thanks to its high-end marinas. As with many other Caribbean locations, there are wonderful beaches here - with a yacht you can find the most secluded spots.

It also has some interesting coastal attractions, such as The Baths on Virgin Gorda. This beach is dotted with huge granite boulders that have created pools, grottos and channels that you can swim through.


There are some truly wonderful places to discover in Italy and if you head to Naples you can explore the luxurious islands of Capri and Procida on your yacht. These are well known for their high-end appeal and boast outstanding restaurants and opulent hotels.

This is a fantastic place to go if you want to combine lounging in the sun with a spot of culture, as you can visit the fascinating historical site of Pompeii that’s just outside Naples, not to mention discover the city itself.

Travel in the lap of luxury

There are few more luxurious ways to travel than on a yacht - and especially one that’s crewed. For the ultimate luxury sailing break, choose a crewed charter where you have a captain and a chef onboard.

This means that you won’t have to lift a finger during your holiday, as the captain will take you to wherever you’d like to go and the chef will prepare you tasty meals, so you don’t even need to moor up near amenities if you don’t want to.

Your yacht will also have everything you need for a comfortable holiday onboard, including snorkelling equipment in case you want to take a dip off the side of your boat and discover what lives beneath the surface.

Of course, you can always just spend your days soaking up the sun on deck, or head ashore to lounge on one of the deserted beaches you find as you cruise around the coast of your destination.

The Seychelles is perfect for sailing

Sailing in the Seychelles: the ultimate luxury holiday

If you’re looking for pure, unbridled luxury, you can’t really beat visiting somewhere like the Seychelles. This exclusive group of islands in the Indian Ocean is a wonderful place for an opulent getaway - and to make it even better, book a yacht charter.

Ideal destinations for a bareboat charter

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If you're a sailing enthusiast, it's likely a bareboat charter in a sunny location is your idea of the perfect holiday. Sailing opens up a wealth of fabulous destinations to you - but where exactly are the top spots for a sunshine break on the water?

Discover the luxury of a crewed yacht

Why choose all-inclusive crewed yacht holidays?

If you're looking for a break that epitomises luxury travel, consider booking yourself on to an all-inclusive crewed yacht holiday. Spend quality time with your family and friends, explore exotic locations and indulge in delicious meals prepared specially for you.

The Seychelles is perfect for sailing holidays

Top 5 destinations for luxury sailing holidays

There are few getaways that offer the same possibilities as luxury sailing holidays. Your break at sea will give you complete freedom over your itinerary and the ability to visit secluded beaches and remote locations you would never otherwise discover.

The Seychelles is perfect for luxury escapes

The Seychelles: perfect for a luxury sailing break

There are some destinations around the world that ooze luxury and exclusivity, with the Seychelles being just one example. To get the most out of a holiday here, it's best to hire a yacht and sail between some of its stunning islands and high-end resorts.

Travelling on a crewed yacht is luxurious

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Everyone wants their summer holiday to be a getaway to remember but you need to put in a bit of effort when you're organising your trip to ensure everything is in place to make it perfect. For something a bit different, consider going sailing.

Capri has an idyllic coastline

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Taking to the water is an ideal way to explore the beautiful Bay of Naples and surrounding area. There is a fascinating city to visit on the mainland, along with some wonderful islands that are perfect destinations for luxury holidays.

Capri is a beautiful spot to visit

A guide to Italy's top coastal destinations for a sailing break

Italy is a fantastic destination to choose for a luxury sailing break - aside from its extensive coastline, it's also home to some of Europe's most cultural and exciting cities. With so much to see and do here, it can be tricky to know where to go.


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