Luxury holidays with a difference: sailing in the Seychelles

Wednesday, 4 December 2015 8:32 AM

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury holiday, the Seychelles is probably a destination you’ve already done a bit of research into. However, have you considered a sailing trip around this stunning island nation?

There really is no better way to see the best that the Seychelles has to offer in a single break, so if this isn’t something you’ve looked into, read on to find out why cruising around the islands in a yacht is the only way to travel.

Luxury wherever you go

One of the joys of hiring a luxury yacht when you’re on holiday is that you can travel around as much as you like and always know that you’ll have high-end accommodation to come home to at the end of each day.

There’s also the added advantage that there’s no upheaval in terms of packing and repacking your bags every time you move on to a new place for an overnight stay - everything you need will be with you for the duration of your trip.

For the most opulent sailing break possible, book a crewed yacht charter. As the name suggests, you’ll have a skilled captain onboard to sail you from A to B, while you’ll also be lucky enough to have your own chef who can whip up delicious meals and snacks in the galley.

This gives you the best of both worlds - privacy and seclusion when you want it, along with top-quality cuisine that’s tailored to your tastes; what more could you want from a luxury holiday?

Seychelles: a wonderful backdrop

Of course, your experience during your luxurious Seychelles sailing holiday will only be enhanced by the islands themselves, each of which has its own attractions and charms for you to discover. 

You’ll meet your yacht (and crew) on the main island of Mahe, which is home to the country’s capital Victoria, as well as the stunning Morne Seychellois National Park. This protected area covers a vast section of the island’s interior and is the perfect place to begin discovering some of its flora and fauna.

Mahe also boasts 65 outstanding beaches, so you needn’t go far to get your first taste of the Seychelles’ stunning stretches of sand. Anse Major, Petit Anse and Anse Jasmine are some of the best, but you can ask your captain for recommendations once you arrive.

From Mahe, it’s a short journey to reach the spectacular St Anne Marine National Park, which is around 5 nautical miles offshore. There are several small islands within the protected area, although the real attractions lie beneath the surface in the form of colourful coral reefs and a dazzling array of fish and other marine life.

This is the ideal spot for some snorkelling or, if you want to get a closer look at the sea creatures, scuba diving. After you’ve spent plenty of time in the water observing this fascinating ecosystem, you can dry off on the deck of your luxury yacht, or head ashore to sample the cuisine available at the restaurants on isles such as Moyenne, Cerf and St Anne. 

La Digue is another of the Seychelles’ islands that you really shouldn’t miss during a sailing holiday, with this destination renowned for its striking granite boulders that dot the shoreline. The rocky outcrops contrast wonderfully with the pristine white sand of the beaches and the deep turquoise of the sea.

This isle is where you’ll find secluded bays and wonderful inland hiking trails that lead you through exotic swathes of jungle. You can also visit a vanilla plantation or a factory that produces coconut oil if you fancy doing something a little bit different during your time on dry land.

The Seychelles is perfect for sailing

Sailing in the Seychelles: the ultimate luxury holiday

If you’re looking for pure, unbridled luxury, you can’t really beat visiting somewhere like the Seychelles. This exclusive group of islands in the Indian Ocean is a wonderful place for an opulent getaway - and to make it even better, book a yacht charter.

The Seychelles is perfect for luxury escapes

The Seychelles: perfect for a luxury sailing break

There are some destinations around the world that ooze luxury and exclusivity, with the Seychelles being just one example. To get the most out of a holiday here, it's best to hire a yacht and sail between some of its stunning islands and high-end resorts.

Why pick the Seychelles for a romantic trip?

Top reasons to have a romantic break in the Seychelles

Organising the ultimate luxurious romantic break is all about finding a destination that offers the perfect balance between lavish accommodation, gorgeous scenery, great weather and romantic things to do and see. So, we think the Seychelles is the ideal choice.

Travelling on a crewed yacht is luxurious

A guide to arranging a memorable summer holiday

Everyone wants their summer holiday to be a getaway to remember but you need to put in a bit of effort when you're organising your trip to ensure everything is in place to make it perfect. For something a bit different, consider going sailing.

The Seychelles is great for luxury sailing

Choose a sailing holiday for luxury in the sun

There are plenty of luxury destinations around the world, but have you considered how visiting one of these on a yacht charter could be even more opulent than a standard getaway? It’s also a great way to see a little more of a place.

The Seychelles is perfect for sailing holidays

Top 5 destinations for luxury sailing holidays

There are few getaways that offer the same possibilities as luxury sailing holidays. Your break at sea will give you complete freedom over your itinerary and the ability to visit secluded beaches and remote locations you would never otherwise discover.

The Seychelles is great for exploring by sea

Top 5 islands to visit on Seychelles yachting holidays

The Seychelles is the ideal location for a luxury sailing holiday, as there are more than 100 islands to visit. Having your own boat will give you the freedom to set an itinerary that allows you to see everything you want in this Indian Ocean archipelago.

Mahe: an ideal location for a romantic getaway

Mahe: an ideal location for a romantic getaway

If you're looking for somewhere for you and your loved one to enjoy a luxurious romantic break together, Mahe in the Seychelles could be the ideal option. You'll find everything you could want for a getaway for two on the island, including golden beaches, endless sunshine and crystal-clear waters.


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