Luxury in the Caribbean: where to go

Wednesday, 4 December 2015 2:18 PM

The sun-drenched islands of the Caribbean make it the perfect candidate for an utterly luxurious break - and even more so if you're able to visit several islands and experience the very best of each. We'll be looking at some of the finest destinations below.

Before we do, though, it's worth bearing in mind that if you like the sound of visiting more than one isle, a cruise is a natural choice. Caribbean cruises (which you can find out more about by visiting this website) are perennially popular and itineraries typically include stops at gems like Antigua, Barbados and the Bahamas.

Of course, opting for a cruise isn't purely a question of practicality. Indeed, it's also one of indulgence - after all, what more luxurious way to travel is there than on a cruise ship, where you can be pampered and do exactly as you please the entire time you are travelling?


Famed for having a beach for every day of the year, Antigua is a beach lover's paradise. The island's 365 stretches of sand are really varied, which means there's a place for everyone, whether your idea of the perfect spot on the coast is tranquil or abuzz with locals and tourists alike.

If the former appeals most to you, Rendezvous Bay is one beach that should definitely make your must-visit list, while fans of the latter ought to head to Runaway Bay or Dickenson Bay - two of the most popular and vibrant beaches on the island.

There's more to Antigua than beaches alone, though. For example, the island has an incredibly rich history, which means there are some fascinating historical sites just waiting to be explored.

The best-known of these is English Harbour, which is also home to Nelson's Dockyard National Park. Dating back to the 18th century, it is now the world's only surviving Georgian dockyard, and was once a base for the British Navy. To get the best view of it, make your way up to Shirley Heights - another key attraction - which is a complex of military buildings.


Encompassing those classic Caribbean attractions of year-round sun and beautiful beaches is Barbados. Not content with this, though, the island is also home to some spectacular natural wonders.

These include Harrison's Cave, which is not to be missed. For those who are going on a cruise, you will usually find that a visit to the cave is offered as an excursion. This 2.5 km long stream cave system is filled with waterfalls, pools, little streams and pretty, natural columns - it's virtually impossible to come here and not feel awestruck.

Like Antigua, Barbados also has a rich history that's well worth exploring. Make sure you visit Sunbury Plantation House, which was built in the 17th century and will give you insights into the island's plantation era.

The Bahamas

The final destination on our list is the Bahamas, a beautiful cluster of islands that offers the opportunity for both relaxing and letting your hair down. Indeed, the type of experience you have to a large extent depends on which island you visit.

Crooked Island, for instance, is virtually untouched. So, coming here is the perfect way to have that desert island experience - even if only for a few hours. If, however, you'd like a taste of the livelier side of the Caribbean, visit Nassau, which has plenty of attractions and nightlife.

These include the Pirates of Nassau Museum, where you can learn all about the history of piracy in the Caribbean. Nassau also has a host of great restaurants where you can indulge in some authentic Caribbean food - remember to try conch, which is one of the nation's specialities.

St Barts is known for its exclusivity

Where to go for ultimate luxury in the Caribbean

If you're prepared to splash out on a high-end holiday in the Caribbean this year, you may be having trouble deciding exactly where to visit in this beautiful region. To really go all out in the luxury stakes, hire a crewed yacht to help you explore.

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Antigua is ideal for a luxury getaway

Where is best for a luxury holiday?

Destinations all over the world claim to offer the ultimate in luxury holidays, which can make it hard to narrow down your options when you're looking for an opulent getaway with plenty of pampering. One place that should be high on your list, though, is Antigua.

Relax on idyllic Barbados beaches

Discover why Barbados is the pearl of the Caribbean

If you want to get away from it all on a break to a paradise-like destination, consider booking Barbados flights. The island country in the Lesser Antilles is one of the Caribbean's premier holiday hotspots, and it's not difficult to see why.

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Experience taste of the Caribbean at Antigua food festival

If your destination checklist includes sun, sea, sand and great food then look no further than Nonsuch Bay in Antigua, which is set to host its first gourmet festival this November.

Taste the delights of Caribbean food on a trip to Antigua

Taste the delights of Caribbean food on a trip to Antigua

Antigua is loved among holidaymakers the world over for its breathtaking scenery of white sandy beaches and aquamarine waters, its gorgeous warm weather and its luxury hotels. Another reason why so many flock to the island every year is to taste delicious, authentic Caribbean cuisine - and you'll be spoiled for choice when dining out in Antigua.

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