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Thursday, 12 December 2015 12:43 PM

Sometimes what you really need is a holiday where no expense is spared and everything is top-class. This means staying in the best hotels and eating at the finest restaurants, but as well as that, high-end travellers need some classy activities to do too.

If this sounds like the kind of getaway for you, then read on to find out what you could be getting up to on your next trip to Ireland. Then hire a car and navigate your way around Cork to find them all. What could be better?

Charter a helicopter

Surely there is no more sophisticated way to travel than by helicopter so why not charter one during your stay in Cork? Peering out of the window you will be able to spot some of the area's most famous sights, from Blarney Castle to Finbarrs Cathedral.

Not only that, but the true beauty of the Irish landscape will spread out in front of you and a bird's eye view of Cork Harbour will be yours. Go further afield and enjoy the Lakes of Killarney in a way that simply cannot be achieved from the ground or get a unique look at the Dingle Peninsula.

Visit the offshore islands

If you want to escape the grounds and go somewhere natural and exclusive then head to any of the offshore islands. How you do this is entirely up to you, but there are some very plush vessels that you can hire to take the journey.

Once you are there, you can enjoy the unique character of each location. On Garinish Island you will be welcomed into a haven of all things horticultural. The gardens are truly stunning and home to many plants you would not expect to grow in Ireland, as the Gulf Stream provides Garinish with the climate to allow all sorts of tropical specimens to flourish.

Alternatively, head to Skellig Michael if you are a history buff. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has one of the best preserved monastic outposts from the Early Christian period. The hardiness of the monks who managed to live on this rugged rock sticking out of the sea can only truly be appreciated by visiting this magnificent place.


There is not much more pleasurable than messing about on boats and this can be achieved in a number of ways in Cork. If you are new to the discipline then book yourself onto some sailing lessons to get you up to scratch.

Then you will be perfectly positioned for chartering a yacht. Of course, these come in all shapes, sizes and price brackets, but you are bound to find one to suit your needs. Either hire a crew to come along and make sure you are on the right lines or venture off on your own if you have gained enough experience.

Whale and dolphin watching

Catching sight of these magnificent marine creatures is the main attraction for many of the people who flock to Cork each year. That is because the sea off this part of Ireland represents one of the best places in the world to catch a glimpse of dolphins and whales - you certainly won't do much better anywhere else in Europe.

Each day varies, but fin and minke whales, dolphins and seals are spotted on a regular basis. Meanwhile, there is even the chance that humpback, killer and pilot whales will make an appearance, so keep your eyes peeled and your binoculars to hand.

Cobh is perfect for a spa break

Cobh: fantastic for a daytrip from Cork

Cork is a beautiful Irish city that is home to top restaurants, classy bars, plenty of designer boutiques and wonderful performances at its Opera House. However, don't forget to explore nearby destinations too, such as historic and cultural Cobh.

Learning how to make sushi is a decadent experience

Different things to do in Cork

Like everywhere else in the world that is popular with holidaymakers, there is a list of places to visit and experiences to have in Cork that the majority of tourists tick off. If you wish to escape the crowds or have been to the city before and want different things to do, then you'll be heading off the beaten track.

Find books galore at the Cork World Book Festival

Spring arts festivals in Cork

Cork is where the culture is with a full programme of festivals this spring. Whether it's literature, films or choral music that you are into, Cork has it all this April and May, so there is no excuse for not being abreast of the latest cultural developments.

Whale watching is one of the activities you can do in Cork

Short luxury breaks to Cork

There are a wide range of places to entertain the whole family not far from the city of Cork.

Cruising the world in luxury

Feature: cruising through the world in style

If you are looking for a perfect getaway without the crowds, then a luxury cruise around some of the world’s most idyllic destinations could be just for you. The idea of a top class cruise could mean linen bedding and spice scented soap for some, or for others dancing with famous writers.

The best golf courses can be found in Cork

Golf fans will love the courses in Cork

If you love golf, you will want to book a break to the Irish city of Cork as soon as possible. This corner of Ireland is famous for the quality of its courses, not to mention the stunning surroundings you can soak up as you tee off and walk between holes.

A bird's eye view

Holiday James Bond-style - free helicopter transfer

Holidaymakers looking for ultimate luxury can arrive in style at the ultra-exclusive resort, Jade Mountain in St Lucia. In February and March, the Caribbean resort is offering all guests staying for five nights a free helicopter transfer.

Luxury sailing on board Christina O

Exclusive sailng experience unveiled

An upscale holiday company is giving travellers the chance to experience Christina O. While the princely sum of £400,000 a week for private charter might be beyond most budgets, Kirker Holidays is offering passengers an experience of the spectacular yacht.


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